May 23, 2002

Developers Kit for Factiva
Factiva, a global news and business information provider, has launched Factiva Developer's Kit; an application-programming interface which allows developers to create customized applications that integrate Factiva's content and functionality into end-users' workflow systems
Factiva hops on the API bandwagon. It'll sure be interesting to see what all the hipster librarians do with all these API's.

May 22, 2002

Position Details on - Virtual Information Librarians
Provide online reference services to students and employees from the 14 university State System of Higher Education of Pennsylvania (SSHE) and the public at large from home; retrieve information using a variety of electronic resources including Internet, CD-ROMs, and online databases; assist in marketing and public relations efforts to increase use; assist in the evaluation of new online reference and customer support techniques and software.
Be an academic librarian and never get out of your pajamas. Mansfield University may be on to something here. Though given the track record of Virtual Reference services i.e. no one uses them (yet), I'd be concerned about job security.

May 20, 2002

/usr/lib/info Not much there yet, but I reckon I'll be visiting this page often enough.

May 16, 2002

Excising Information
In the rush to secure the nation, government officials have once again looked to restricting access to information as a cure-all. We have statements from them decrying the availability of sensitive information and moaning that even pieces of non-sensitive information, when put together from disparate sources, could be transformed into sensitive data.
Interesting editorial on recent trends with regard to 'sensitive' information.
Worthington Memory
Worthington Libraries are partnering with the Worthington Historical Society to build Worthington Memory. The goals of this collaborative project are to collect and preserve local history materials through the creation of a digital library, providing greater access to and enhanced public awareness of Worthington's rich history.
Nicely designed digital library (at least in my browser anyway). (Link boosted from the LITA listserv.)

May 14, 2002

'Screen Language': The New Currency for Learning According to Seely Brown, there is a new kind of digital divide now and it is the divide between faculty and students. Faculty, stuck in yesterday's analog world, are confronted with students who arrive nicely fluent in digital technology and the virtues of hyperspeed. Students already have a handle on how to convey their emotional states electronically. It's up to adults to learn that vernacular, he said. Educators who create programs for adult learning and distance learning need to apply the vernacular and deepen and strengthen these new means of communication.
Digital preservation strategies
While digital technologies are enabling information to be created, manipulated, disseminated, located and stored with increasing ease, preserving access to this information poses a significant challenge. Unless preservation strategies are actively employed, this information will rapidly become inaccessible. Choice of strategy will depend upon the nature of the material and what aspects are to be retained.Extensive bibliography on this topic.
Mapping the Information Landscape
Librarians actually have a variety of information maps. They're kind of like those anatomy illustrations in an encyclopedia, with multiple see-through plastic overlays that one can superimpose on the outline of the human form. Which map we use will be determined by the kind of questions we're answering.
Creating a Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections
A Digital Library Forum convened by the IMLS and working in collaboration with participants from the NSF's National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library program has released a Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections to serve as a resource for practitioners and funding agencies. This Framework pays particular attention to digitization collection practices that facilitate integration and aggregation of digital information resources developed by museums, libraries, and similar institutions.
Lots of good stuff over at First Monday.

May 13, 2002

Semantic Web Metadata for e-Learning - Some Architectural Guidelines
Meta-data is the fundamental building block of the Semantic Web. However, the meta-data concept is too loosely defined to provide architectural guidelines for its use. This paper analyzes important uses of meta-data in the e-learning domain, from a pedagogical and philosophical point of view, and abstracts from them a set of fundamental architectural requirements for Semantic Web meta-data.
Residents of Alaska community love their tiny, packed library
Residents of this sportfishing mecca of 400 at the headwaters of the Kenai River prize their library like a gem, as precious as a sunny day at a secluded fishing hole.

May 10, 2002

Alexandria Repository
Alexandria is Canada's first national repository for educational objects. It is the actualization of a vision to make digital educational materials readily available to students, researchers and educators across the country and beyond.
Clever project, nonclever name.

May 09, 2002

Walt noted recently that certain library blogs are "becoming less and less frequent or fading away altogether" of which this here page is a bright shining example. Due mostly to two reasons. I've been busy trying to finish up final exams/projects so that I can graduate in a week or so and I've been trying to find a job (hire me!) so that I have a place to hang my hat after graduation.

But the bigger reason is the proliferation of the fab new blogs on the block coupled with exisiting blogs that continue to improve by leaps and bounds. By the time I get done reading them all (and I do read them all), I either don't have any time to post anything of my own, or someone else has already posted the things that I would have posted.

This is all to say that I haven't forgotten this here page, I've just been taking a little break.