March 28, 2002

Sno-Isle to offer 24-hour Internet aid
For example, if you connect with a librarian at 3 a.m., you may be chatting online with someone in Los Angeles. But at 4 p.m., your connection may be with a Sno-Isle librarian.

March 27, 2002

That's a lot of Birtiney Britannie Brtney Brittnyey Britney
The data below shows some of the misspellings detected by our spelling correction system for the query [ britney spears ], and the count of how many different users spelled her name that way. Each of these variations was entered by at least two different unique users within a three month period, and was corrected to [ britney spears ] by our spelling correction system (data for the correctly spelled query is shown for comparison).
One of the best Error 404: File not found experiences I've ever had.
Experts urge race against time to unearth last secrets of Herculaneum’s lost library
Behind them could lie a lost treasure trove of Roman scrolls, scholars say, part of the celebrated lost library of the Villa of the Papyri. However, a unique chance to recover great classical masterpieces, lost to humanity for 2,000 years, could fall victim to flooding or a new blast from the volcano Vesuvius, they warn. The leading names of ancient Greek and Roman studies in Britain and the United States are pleading for urgent action before it is too late.
Talking Books delivers 'freedom'
Reaves said four years ago one of her eye doctors told her about the Texas State Library and Archive Commission's Talking Books Program. The program lends both books and magazines on tape to people with physical, visual and learning disabilities as a library would, but with one additional service.

March 24, 2002

The folks over at are discussing ALA vs. CIPA. Join the fray.
The folks over at are discussing ALA vs. CIPA. Join the fray.

March 23, 2002

Learn with BOOK (Link inspired by SIGIA-L)
Advanced Google Search Operators (Link boosted from the brand spankin' new google weblog.

March 21, 2002

Instructional Design Standards for Quality Online Courses
More than a year ago, MVU began developing rigorous standards to guide the design and evaluation of online course quality. Based on decades of research and the work of the best minds in the field of Instructional Design, we have recently completed a comprehensive set of standards that can now be used to design and evaluate online courses.
This is about as in depth as you could get I imagine. (link boosted from lucdesk

March 19, 2002

Organize, collect, share your books with Singlefile
Singlefile is an easy-to-use web-based service that helps you organize the books you own, the books you are reading, the books you've read and the books you want to read.

March 16, 2002

Are Search Engines Biased
After all, search engines are just computer programs, and the people who create these programs have opinions and biases of their own. Not only that, the fundamental concept of identifying the "best" results for a particular query inherently requires that some sources of information be given preferential treatment over other sources. We wouldn't be happy with search results without this filtering and culling.

Science mags go high-tech
But effective Jan. 1 of this year, the university no longer receives the print versions of those journals. It has become the first research university in the country to rely instead entirely on an electronic format for storing Elsevier publications.
Network of online librarians can provide answers, 24/7
If you're bogged down trying to find the answer to a question, now you don't need to look any further than your own computer screen. With the introduction of Q and A New Jersey, a new Web site, people with pressing queries can have their answers in real time on the Internet.
US pledges books to Afghanistan
The US has just given 20,000 books housed in the American cultural centre in Kabul to the city's newly-refurbished university library.

March 14, 2002

Mark Anderson has moved his lending library to Go borrow a book.

March 12, 2002

In my (seemingly) neverending quest for employment, I was checking out VTLS Inc.'s site. They have no jobs for me, but they had two links which are pretty interesting. In the upper right hand corner is a link that says "Can I still use the old site?" Clicking on this link brings you to the version of the site before the redesign. On the bottom of the page is a link which says "preview". Clicking on this link takes you to what I assume is the next gernation of the site. (Near as I can tell, the only diff is a fancy new logo.)

It's an interesting concept, allowing access to the past, present and future of a sites design. If only I could get my own future sorted . . .
Boxes and Arrows is live. Into usability/info architecture/experience design/et cetera? It'll be worth your while. I promise.

March 11, 2002

Requirements for a Web Ontology Language
This document specifies usage scenarios, goals and requirements for a web ontology language. An ontology formally defines a common set of terms that are used to describe and represent a domain. Ontologies can be used by automated tools to power advanced services such as more accurate Web search, intelligent software agents and knowledge management.
Ran across this while validating some pages I've been working on.
Web Sites That Heal
The first purpose of this article is to explain the true causes of linkrot. The second purpose is to outline a new way to solve the linkrot problem.
Prospero v 2.0 is available for download.
Prospero 2.0 builds upon the success of it's previous version has grown to become a self-contained Internet Document Delivery (IDD) system. As an IDD client, Prospero 2.0 allows libraries to use the Internet toexchange
high quality ILL documents. As in all previous versions, Prospero 2.0 still allows direct to patron delivery.

March 09, 2002

IPRC : the Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland, Oregon, USA I bet you wish your town had one of these. Go ahead and start one.
Final Chapter for a Cold War Relic
Researchers, Russophiles and spies made their way to Victor Kamkin Inc., which for decades collected and sold books detailing every aspect of life and history in the Soviet Union, all in their original Russian. A little more than 1 million bound volumes were in the last inventory, taken two years ago. Workers there estimate there could be nearly 2 million books and other published materials today. On Monday morning, Montgomery County sheriff's deputies are expected to receive the entire collection at the county incinerator.

March 05, 2002

Open Road
Open Road is a cyber-based radical lending library for the Portland, ME area.  The website helps folks share their informational and knowledge resources with the Portland Community in order to help bring about radical social, political, and economic change. This is done now by listing our materials at a common location (this Web Site!) for the public to browse. Each lender chooses what to lend, and what the policies for borrowing are. 
More from the DIY library front.

March 04, 2002

Wireless Community Networks - Texas State Library
This guide offers a beginner's look at the process of using radio frequency wireless technology to connect the computer networks of two or more local public organizations?school districts, public libraries, municipal and county offices, and others. Such links provide a way to share access to high-speed Internet connections and other electronic resources.

March 03, 2002

Impaired served by audio books unit
They're unabridged books on audio tape and they're delivered to your home, free, if you have a visual or physical impairment that prevents you from reading a regular book. The service is part of the Lee county library system and is administered through the national library service for the blind and physically handicapped, a division of the library of Congress.
Digital Domesday Book lasts 15 years not 1000
It was meant to be a showcase for Britain's electronic prowess - a computer-based, multimedia version of the Domesday Book. But 16 years after it was created, the 2.5 million pound BBC Domesday Project has achieved an unexpected and unwelcome status: it is now unreadable.
Neoluddites rejoice!