April 24, 2002

Rotten Links Hamper Learning
It's downright annoying to come across a broken link on the Web. And for a professor teaching a distance education course - or referring "traditional" students to an Internet resource - it can be a major problem.
Two researchers at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln tracked so-called link rot after they discovered that hyperlinks disappeared before they finished developing distance education courses.

Of course we all thought PURL's would solve all this right? Not so much. Anyone ever use CORC? Best practices dictate we should be using PURL's to catalog items, but anyone who has ever used CORC knows that they're few and far between. Why? Well I reckon it's because people are lazy. And if the so-called experts in these matters aren't using this (relatively) simple solution to what is and will continue to be a huge problem, how exactly can we expect Professor Smith to use it?

April 18, 2002

Love and passion in the Reading Room
It has spawned more revolutions, incited more passion and created more art than just about any other place in the modern world. And it is a library. No, it is the library. For the past 150 years, the way to access that library was through the Reading Room at the British Museum.

April 17, 2002

Who's Responsible For High Book Prices?
Why are book prices so high? Not just new hardcovers, which are mostly hovering -- for another five minutes or so -- just below $30. But have you noticed that even paperbacks, the thing that revolutionized the book business once-upon-a-time by virtue of being affordable, are now just as over-priced as everything else?
AltaVista Tests "Paraphrase" Tool
AltaVista's new query refinement tool offers suggestions for improving your search terms. Also, the search engine is adding new content on a more frequent basis.
Railway to sue Google over sabotage links
Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway operator, will today (Wednesday) file a legal suit against Google because the search engine provides links to a Web site that offers instructions on how to sabotage railway systems. Lawsuits against Yahoo! and AltaVista also are being prepared.

April 16, 2002

Ship's Librarian : SUNY Maritime College,
The New York Maritime College of the State University of New York is seeking a qualified individual to be the librarian aboard the T. S Empire State VI during the 2002 Summer Sea Term. The Ship's Librarian is the sole professional information specialist serving aboard the training ship. He/she works on a full-time basis during the annual nine-week training cruise of the college. The Empire State VI departs from Fort Schuyler (Bronx, NY) on May 18, 2002 and returns to Fort Schuyler on July 18, 2002. The Ship's Librarian must report to the campus by May 15, 2002. The 2002 Summer Cruise includes the following ports: New Orleans (Louisiana); Dublin (Ireland); Bergen (Norway) and Freeport (Bahamas).

April 11, 2002

U. of Michigan Cancels a Closely Watched Portal Project
The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor announced on Monday that it would close down its bellwether portal, my.umich.edu, on June 30, a little more than a year after offering the personalized Web space to its students. Campus officials say the university can no longer sustain such a complex and expensive software-development project on its own.
I reckon an open source solution would've helped a bit. I wonder what effect, if any, this will have on the myLibrary vs. myUniversity debate?

April 10, 2002

Web standards not an oxymoron
It's time to say goodbye to the days of the wild west of Web development and say hello to building sites based on standards and valid code.

Trial version of ebrary available from March 1
ebrary offers an affordable solution for desktop delivery of valuable books and other documents from 100 leading publishers. The unique new service enables you to offer an unlimited number of patrons simultaneous access to authoritative titles in key subject areas? the majority of which were published within the past two years. Best of all, ebrary integrates with existing catalogue systems (OPAC) and other digital resources. ebrary is continuously growing its online collection in key subject areas, and will provide regular content updates at no additional cost.

Dialog Introduces NewsRoom
In the Olympian struggle among purveyors of online news sources, there are two measurements that people use to score performance: the number of sources included in a database and the completeness of the file. Dialog Corp. has just upped the ante in the number-of-sources competition by announcing it will put 6,500 news and business titles into one database that will be titled NewsRoom. The database, which was scheduled to launch March 1, will be exactly the same on Dialog, DataStar, and Profound.

April 09, 2002

Virginia Tech Police Seize and Search a Professor's Computer in Vandalism Case
Some faculty members at Virginia Tech say they're worried about their privacy and their intellectual-property rights following an incident last week in which campus police officers seized a professor's computer to search it for an e-mail message about a vandalism incident.
Mix equal parts of open source idealism, digital photography, php and mysql and you get The Open Photo Project. I think I still like istockphoto better, but hey, the more the merrier right?

April 02, 2002

All apologies for the lack of posts lately. I'm deeply entrenched in the process of a.) getting a job and b.) preparing for my comprehensive exams on Saturday. I hope to get back in to the swing of things soon enough. (Besides with all the great new(ish) weblogs coming along these days, there are plenty of other places to get your fix.)

April 01, 2002

Public libraries to test digital service
An experiment in digital publishing will take a step forward this week, with six regional library systems scheduled to begin testing online research services from start-up Ebrary.