December 31, 2001

Heh. Sorry about the incommunicado. Seems a late in the semester flurry of activity followed by a bout with the mother of all stomach viruses followed by the holidays has left this page neglected. Fear not. It's a new year, and I'm back.

December 12, 2001

La biblioteca famosa
Jersey City residents can read up on what's happening in the Latin American community at the Perfecto Oyola Biblioteca Criolla downtown. With a small storefront in the busy business area on First Street near Jersey Avenue, the Latin American-themed library features over 10,000 books, and periodicals from Latin American authors about the histories and cultures of all Central and South American countries.
IBM to build digital archive for Coca-Cola
The Coca-Cola Company has chosen IBM to build a digital asset management system to store images of thousands of Coca-Cola advertisements from the past century in a searchable electronic archive.

December 10, 2001

Libraries Enter Digital Age
While technology is making certain library features more accessible to some people, others fear technology might make the small town library obsolete.

December 09, 2001

December 07, 2001

Fourth graders design library expansion
It was actually pure coincidence when Dr. Sheri Klein, assistant professor of art education at UW-Stout, decided to begin a design project involving library expansion. Her project, a pilot study with two fourth grade classes from River Heights School in Menomonie, revolves around designing interior spaces with the Menomonie Public Library as its subject. The library is currently undergoing re-evaluation of its own for expansion and has agreed to a showing of the artists' renderings.
Given the number of uninspiring new libraries I've seen and read about, I say let them have at it.

December 06, 2001

Gateway to the Invisible Web
The Invisible Web is an enchanted realm for searchers, but only if you know how to access its abundant treasures. The Resource Discovery Network (RDN) is an outstanding gateway to thousands of Invisible Web sites that's as close to a search engine for the hidden web as you're likely to find.
New stuff from SearchDay.
I recently reread Revolting Librarians and wondered, in looking at the copyleft date, if any enterprising librarians would care to take up the call yet again. Ladies and gentlemen:revolting librarians : call for submissions

December 05, 2001

New Video Screen Is Like Paper
The picture is small, and it's far from crisp, but Dutch researchers claim they've taken an important step in the race for a video screen with the properties of a piece of paper.
Something tells me I posted this before, but just in case I didn't. . . search for books and compare prices at
Alt lit fans should most definitely give a look to Interviews and links to all sorts of groovy materials.

December 04, 2001